For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

Q: Do I need to book an excursion in advance? A: Yes, we require a minimum of 48-hours advance booking notice.  All credit card bookings must be prepaid via Paypal. Access Paypal Here. To find a trip that best fits your schedule, we recommend reserve the date you want as soon as you know it and observe our cancellation/change policies.

Q: Can I book one person on a day sail instead of the whole sailboat? A: No. We sell our excursions as a boat trip for 1-4 passengers (apart from the crew).

Q: What are the Cancellation or Change Policies? A: We reserve the right to cancel a trip due to unsafe weather conditions. This decision is made by the Captain up to the day prior. If we have to cancel a sailing trip, we will reschedule the activity as safety is our highest concern. If you have a need to change your sailing date, we require 72 hours notice and will be happy to reschedule your trip. We do not refund purchased tickets.

Q: Where do I meet the sailboat for my trip and what time should I arrive? A: We embark from Manhasset Bay in Port Washington, NY near the Town Dock. We always speak with every guest prior to the sail to discuss the details of the meeting location. Please arrive at the Town Dock location at least 15 minutes prior to look for parking (onsite) and to meet the Port Washington Water Taxi which will take you to our vessel.   The price for the water taxi is $8 per person round trip.   The best

Q: Are young children allowed to participate? A: No. Our sailing excursions are designed for ages 12 and above.

Q: Can I bring my pet? A: No. Pets are awesome but sailing is an ¨acquired taste¨ for a pet and we don´t have the resources to achieve this on our excursions.

Q: Can I bring food on the sailing trip? A: Yes we encourage you to bring your own food. We request that you follow our ¨non-red¨ food policy (call it our sailing superstition) of no red wine, salsa, sauce, cranberry juice etc. These foods find a way of spilling and staining every time. We have storage for cold food but do not offer re-heating of any hot foods.


Q; Are beverages served or can I bring my own alcohol? A: We serve non-alcoholic beverages as well as wine or beer as a complimentary amenity. You may bring your own beverages but we reserve the right of restricting alcohol when the Captain perceives its usage as unsafe for the journey. We will require a legal proof of age (21). Every passenger is fully responsible for their own legal behavior and consequences of alcohol misuse. Important: Safety is our first priority and we advise you not to arrive to the sailing trip already intoxicated. The Captain reserves the right to refuse service to anyone not fit to sail due to intoxication and no refunds will be given for this cancellation. We also maintain the right to stop the excursion and return to the dock at the occurrence of unsafe, intoxicated behavior. Let´s keep it light and lively!

Q: Can I smoke? A: No. We do not permit smoking on board.

Q: What about seasickness? A: Sea or motion sickness is no joke. While the majority of passengers do not experience seasickness we do not want it to be you. If seasickness strikes it can be highly uncomfortable and it will take time to change our course and strategy to return the boat to the dock prematurely. If you think that you might be prone to motion sickness we strongly recommend that you check with your doctor or pharmacist regarding over the counter options such as tablets or topical patches that help prevent seasickness as well as how and when to use them.

Q: What happens if there is inclement weather? A: If it is just cloudy or a little chilly, we will sail anyway. If it is raining or conditions are stormy, we will cancel the sail and reschedule the tickets.

Q: What can we expect to see? A: Long Island Sound is a famous sailing destination because of the robust sailing conditions and the charming ports and harbors. All destinations are based on wind direction and weather but we include cruising past lighthouses, mansions, bridges or city skylines. Additionally we see a great amount of sea bird life and simply the water and the coastlines alone are incredible. Destination options are chosen with the Captain on the day of the sail based on the wind and wave conditions.


Q: Can we go swimming in the Sound? A: No. We do not provide swimming stops on the itinerary. Feel free to bring your swimsuits and beach towel for on-deck sunning.

Q: Can you describe the boat? A: Mariposa is a bright yellow Catalina – 27 feet. Le Reve is a midnight blue Newport – 28 feet. Both boats provide a private restroom, a setttee for relaxing, a dining table, a berth for resting and storage for soft backpacks or totes and some luggage (please confirm ahead if you need to store luggage with us), comfortable seating or lounging in the cabin and seating for four passengers on the deck. With conditions permitting, you can maneuver around the sails on the top of the boat safely and even sail with us sitting with your feet overboard in the mist!



Q: Can we help with the sailing? A: Yes. We encourage our passengers that like to participate with sailing activities such as working the sails or the lines and even trying your hand at the Captain´s helm.


Q: What should I bring / wear? A: Sun protection is key: sunscreen, sun hat, sunglasses. A light jacket for cool breezes (temperatures are 10 degrees lower on the water than on the land) works well with layers that can be adjusted from sun to clouds. Please wear sneaker-type footwear, semi-athletic style with soft, flat and light-colored soles. High-heels do not work on a sailboat and dark-soled shoes make stains on our decks. Make sure to plan on photo opportunities and feel free to bring your Go Pro and smartphone music playlist to connect to our speakers.

Q: Do you have life jackets? A: Yes we provide the required USCG life jackets for all passengers.

Q: Who are the crew members? A: Captain Stefany Coulter is a USCG licensed captain with over 20 years of sailing experience. Captain Alex Fridman is a USCG licensed captain with over 20 years of sailing experience and is a certified sailing instructor. Gustav Hauser is a general crew member with over 40 years of sailing and racing experience. Rachel Knapp is general crew and host with 4 years of sailing experience and certification in coastal navigation.

Q: Is tipping customary? A: Gratuity is customary and typically ranges from 15-20% of the retail cost of the trip (similiar to other hospitality services). Your total sailing enjoyment is our goal and we appreciate your business.


Sail away with us …