About Sail Hope

Why the name Sail Hope?

Sail Hope was founded in 2014 to operate a 501c3 organization that offers the healing benefit of sailing experiences to women or groups of women that are  experiencing unfortunate circumstances.  We believe in the transformational power of sailing!  We operate our charter side of Sail Hope in order to help fund Sail Hope Inc and further support our non-profit clients and goals. We love sailing and want to share it with others in every way possible!

Our Sail Hope crew is comprised of USCG Licensed Captain Stefany Coulter, USCG Captain Alex Fridman, Crew Members Rachel and Gustav. As a group we have sailed from the Caribbean to New England, raced and navigated all over the Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Seaboard. One captain and one crew member will facilitate each charter.

Our Sail Hope vision: Sailing provides our participant the exposure to an activity that has been historically male-oriented and can foster her learning and self-confidence in several tangible ways:

  1. Learning new physical skills that include following specific directions from the captain and seeing how that specific action results in a positive outcome for the entire crew.
  2. Learning how all members of a crew must work as a team to keep the boat moving in the right direction.
  3. Learning to interpret clues given by weather, wind and waves to make good decisions for a tactical move.
  4. The feeling of having contributed to a safe journey on the water despite whatever natural circumstances occur, fair or foul weather.
  5. Realizing that by learning and using skills taught, they can actually move from one place to another despite obstacles or storms. Or also conversely learn that at times it is just a day of waiting and hoping for wind, when other sailing skills can be practiced.

For more information on our organization, please visit http://sailhope.org

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Sail away with us …